Nature's Most Remarkable Birds

Our family of exotic birds comes from all over the world and is limited is constantly changing. If you are interested in a particular bird, please call and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Fine Feathered Friends

Birds are great companions entertaining us with their songs and an array of other natural behaviors and comical antics. Each bird has a unique personality, they tend to bond with their people and enjoy a personal relationship like no other pet..

Bird Feed Toys & Supplies 

We offer almost anything you will need to pamper and feed your flock at home. From bulk foods sold by the pound to the most advanced pelleted diets on the market to cages, toys and more. Let our expert staff help you find the proper nutrition requirements for your feathered friend. Be sure to check out our toy selection too!
Stop in and to say hi to our resident Blue and Gold Macaw "Maxine". 

She has been a resident of Laconia Pet Center since she was hatched! 
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